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Relax cushion

Relax now is easier

Enjoy a relaxing massage everywhere you go with our products.


Rejuvenate your eyes

The Fantaseye eye contour massager stimulates using microcurrents

vibro relax

Discover their effect!

Vibro Relax® will help you to increase your wellness wherever you go

cool toes refresh

Your best relax time

Refresh your feet and toes in just minutes! Gently stretch cramped toes like a professional masseur.

comfy feet

All-day relief for your feet

Padded arch support with shock-absorbing core. Made of durable and breathable fabric. With compression band for perfect fit


Soft vibrating massage for your feet!

Enjoy a daily foot massage at home. Made of soft and fluffy fabric for ultimate comfort.


Stop.Fatigue Gel

Relax Slippers Gel® alleviates the tension supported by them all day long,


Revitalise your body

Discover a new level of well-being with every step you take


Care for your FEET

With their soft touch, they separate, stretch and align delicately your toes.


The best for relaxing

The removable gel inserted in the pads can be heated or cooled for targeted therapeutic relief.


A millennial experience

The millennial experience of acupuncture renewed for daily home use.


Cover your knees

Ideal for discomfort or pain of muscles and articulations. Fluffy and comfortable.


Cool re-fillable cushion

Helps to adjust your body temperature when you have a cold.


Facial Sauna Mr-Mist ™

Perfect to keep your face skin clean with a steam treatment


Alleviating magneto bands

Alleviate the pain of your joints thanks to the action of these magnetic bands

Improve your health with just a few minutes

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